Why is it good for your business

and recommendations

We provide consultations and recommend the best and most efficient solution for you in every possible case. We offer flexible rental terms and conditions that we adapt for every client individually (contract duration, deposit, vehicle’s purchase price etc.).

We offer great
favorable conditions

We offer better conditions than most of our competitors or banks. Our clients’ financial profile is not our only criterion of evaluation, therefore we give an opportunity for companies that are engaged in potentially financially risky operations as well as companies with limited funds or fluctuating profits.

and discounts

You are granted all of our benefits and discounts – a better vehicle purchase price, a discount for insurance, tires and technical inspection, therefore we can offer you the rental conditions that suit you the best.

You get new, technically
flawless vehicles

We provide a new, technically flawless vehicle that suits your needs the best. All our vehicles are regularly examined and we only rent them out when we are sure they are in perfect condition.

Control of the
company’s expenses

You are in control of the company’s expenses: the full rental price and the sum of monthly payment will be determined in advance, so you will have no additional expenses.

Costs can be attributed
to operational cost

The rental cost can be attributed to the company’s operational costs and therefore has no influence on the company’s balance.

Devote your time
to your professional duties

You can devote your time to your professional duties, management of the vehicle fleet is our responsibility. You won’t have to hire people to look after the vehicles and spend time solving possible difficulties neither will you be concerned about administrative tasks regarding the vehicle’s use.

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